Breeding champions for centuries

Yeguada Guardiola Fantoni is an Andalusian or Spanish Purebred  stud farm founded in Utrera (Sevilla) in 1690 which has been passed down from generation to generation.

For more than 300 years we have not ceased in the search for the best horse. By using a very defined selection criteria, we have achieved a unique line within the Andalusian breed, the Guardiola line.

The stud has achieved numerous successes, such as the Best Cattle Raising Award in Seville, diplomas for the quality of the horses awarded by the head of the Horse Breeding Department.

Our horses have been SICAB Champions, many of them have been rated as breed improvers by the Ancce and have won dressage competitions both nationally and internationally.

The selection criteria that we have followed for more than 300 years to achieve the Guardiola line has been based on looking for horses that have the following characteristics:


Beautiful horses, with an expressive face and good alignment that guarantee a long life and straightness in their motions. With expressive, agile, elevated, extensive, harmonic and cadenced movements.


Tough horses capable of facing agricultural tasks, versatile in managing any discipline and physically and mentally balanced.


Horses that make an impact, have spirit, class and that are elegant so as not to leave anyone indifferent.