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Curiosa Guardiola

Date of birth: 04/03/2013

Coat: Grey

Father: Cortesano IX (reproductor mejorante de la raza por la Ancce) 

Mother: Bengala II (joven reproductora recomendada y reproductora calificada de la raza por la Ancce)

Height of withers: 1,64 m aprox.

Curiosa Guardiola is grey Andalusian mare, daughter of Bengala II (recommended young breeder and certified breeder by the Ancce) and Cortesano IX (certified enhancer of the breed by the Ancce) and descends from Centella V.

Morphologically very balanced, with a stylized neck, medium face and good back.

She presents elevation in her movements and agility.

She was champion of Serva in 2016.