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Victorioso XIV

Date of birth: 22/03/2003

Coat: Bay

Father: Centello

Mother: Victoriosa XXI

Height of withers:  1,68 m aprox.

Victorioso XIV is a bay Andalusian Stallion, pure Guardiola line, since he is a direct descendant of our most emblematic specimens: like Maromo, considered the father of the PRE, because of the amount of good offspring he gave and his contribution to the improvement of the breed.  Also from our legendary best horse Centella V, who was SICAB champion and father of champions, and from Educado, also champion and who gave very good descendants.

Victorioso XIV has the characteristics of the Guardiola line: unquestionable beauty with good bone structure, joints and back, as well as an elegant and majestic bearing.

His movements are agile, elevated and extensive.

He has an unbeatable character and a very good temper.