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Capitán CXXVI

Date of birth: 16/05/2012

Coat: Bay

Father: Barquito (certified by Ancce)

Mother: Capitana X

Height of withers: 1,65 m aprox.

Capitán CXXVI is one of our Andalusian stallions, pure Guardiola line and with unbeatable genes: he is son of Barquito (qualified as breed improver by the Ancce) and on his mother’s side he is grandson of our great stallion Centella V.

As you can see, he is very similar to his father and grandfather, since he has the characteristic morphology of the Guardiola line. He has also inherited good mobility and elevation.

He has a noble character, with strength, beauty and transmits, like his father and grandfather, to his descendants the characteristics of the Guardiola line.