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Barquera XCIII

Date of birth: 02/05/2011

Coat: Dapple grey

Father: Barquito (qualified as breed improver by the Ancce)

Mother: Lista

Barquera XCIII is a dapple grey Andalusian mare. Daughter of  Barquito (qualified as breed improver by the Ancce) and descends from our legendary Centella V (Champion of Spain SICAB 1984) and Escapada II (Second prize in Seville Championship 1993).

She has a good morphology, a well-proportioned height and length and a rounded rump. She has a beautiful neck with a fine upper edge (slightly arched and muscular), a beautiful medium sized head and a very expressive face.

As for her movements, she has impressive agility and presents excellent movements.

She has an excellent temperament, she is calm and docile.